The Puppies of Pineridge

I am an animal lover, but this is no surprise to anyone who has met me. When I was young I raised pigs, rats (don’t judge), hamsters, mice, rabbits, kittens, and of course, puppies. My love for animals was shown to me by my mother. When my mom was young, she hid a stray cat in her closet for weeks because she wanted to give it a home. As an adult, she continued to take in stray animals and thus our home was constantly filled with lovable furry friends.

Now that I have moved away from home I have found that not only has my love for animals come with me, but also my undying inability to refuse a homeless animal. DO NOT take me to an animal shelter, people… I will come home with every single animal. Anyway, I’m not only here to blab on about how much I love animals, I actually have a story for you.

You already know that I went up to Pineridge a few weeks ago to do some construction and community development work. Well, I accidentally took home three puppies that I found on the reservation. Not SO terrible, considering my history with taking in strays, except that I am not allowed to have animals in my apartment. So I came home with 2 of the 3 puppies (one of the little girls immediately went to my friend’s house). We got the two little girls homes within the first 24 hours we were back in Colorado. I fell in love with the third little boy, who I named Mato, which means ‘Bear’ in Lakota. Awesome, right?! Wrong. Now I am in the process of breaking my lease, finding a someone to sublease, finding a new apartment, paying vet bills, buying puppy food, house training, cleaning up pee, and hiding a puppy from my current landlord. Someone please tell me I am insane.

But the fact of the matter is, I love too much. Or maybe I love just enough. Did you know that temperatures can get as low as -50 degrees on the reservation? These temperatures, along with the wind chill factor on the plains makes for pretty dangerous conditions for 10-week-old puppies. Maybe I saved some lives… or maybe I’m just insane.

I like this quote even though it is only distantly related to today’s post.

“Humans are amphibians – half spirit and half animal. As spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time.”
C. S. Lewis


Mato and Annie Meet for the First Time!

Mato Helps Annie Blog by Eating her Ear

And Her Nose...

And Her Nose...

And Her Other Ear

And Her Other Ear

I am now without a face… but have a happy Thursday!


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