Blogging in a Cheetah Print Snuggie

Are you freezing right now? Because I am pretty dang cold. My roommates and I are protesting turning on the heat because it is the end of the semester and we just used our last three quarters, two dimes, and five pennies for a McDouble at Mcdonalds. We did learn how to light a fire in the fireplace though (see picture below). We are real Colorado girls… AKA, we bought the automatic lighting logs at the grocery store. Ahh, the life of a college student.

As I sit here in my cheetah print Snuggie, watching Glee, pretending to study, I think of those people who are without a Snuggie this winter season, hence the reason for today’s post. I’m always feeling guilty because I have so much, yet I have seen the faces of people who are freezing at this very moment. Recently I have felt very pessimistic regarding the poverty that I saw on previous volunteer excursions. I kept thinking about the mass amounts of people that are in need of help, and how even though I can patch the side of one family’s home and insulate the outside of another, there are so many others that will not be helped. My past blogs touch on this, what I have referred to as the, “one life” impact.

Here’s how I conquer that ever-returning pessimism:

Last year I ran a drive that donates jeans to homeless teenagers, called Teens for Jeans. It took less than a week to organize, and we collected over 60 jeans in just a few weeks. I found out about this drive through a website called I am in love with this site. You just type in what your “thing” is, and they find a volunteer project for you in your city. Bada-bing, bada-boom… helping. I STRONGLY encourage you to check out this site, I am sure you will find something that will get that fanny off the couch.

Another site that I recommend is, One Warm Coat. This site provides extensive information on how to host a coat drive, and they even provide a search to find an agency that will accept the coats. This is my current interest and I’m going to try to get it going before the end of the year.

So when petty roommate problems arise, your toilet freezes because you are not willing to turn on the heat, your puppy eats the side of a collage you made for your Social Work class, and you just spent the last of the money your mom gave you for groceries, on a cheese burger… think of the rest of the world. You are just a tiny little spec in this universe, your problems can not be that huge.

“Out yonder there is this huge world, which exists independently of us human beings and which stands before us like a great, eternal riddle, at least partially accessible to our inspection and thinking.”
― Albert Einstein


Building the Fire


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