Recycled Crayons… I Need Ideas!!!!

I’m not sure that I have let you guys in on the program I have been developing. When I spent my summer to the northern mountains of the Dominican Republic this past year, I found a huge need for educational assistance within many of the communities. During the three weeks I spent in the DR, I taught an educational summer camp for the children, and has the chance to see the conditions of the school the children attend. After speaking with the principal of the school, I was informed that the teachers attempt to education mass numbers of students each day, with minimal resources. Thinking of all the resources we waste here in the US, I knew I could help with this issue. So I began to develop a program that would provide teachers with resources to educate, and students with shoes and vitamins so they can better learn.

Here is our web-page at the moment (please be patient, it is still in progress).

Today, I need your creativity and ideas! In order to send the recourses that we gather, and have donated, we need roughly $90 per box to be sent. My idea is to use the old, broken crayons that we have collected through various drives, and make products that we can sell at very low prices.

Here are some ideas I have already covered:

1. Crayon candles (don’t burn very well)

2. Crayon jars (melt in the sun, but work very well otherwise!)

I need more ideas!! Anyone? Comment below and help us out!

As always, thanks for reading!


One thought on “Recycled Crayons… I Need Ideas!!!!

  1. You can melt the crayons down into new, shaped ones with a candy, soap, or muffin tin. Everyone with kids has broken crayons at home or can collect the crayons you get at resturants

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