This is Why I Go Abroad

When I was a little girl, I complained because my teacher made me read too many books. I grew up in a five-bedroom home in a small mountain town in the middle of Colorado. My Christmas mornings were plentiful, yet I cried when I did not receive the correct color of new shoes as a gift.

I travel abroad because I have seen the little faces of children who have never owned a pair of shoes, but walk two miles each day to school, wishing they had more books to read.

I travel abroad because I am no longer content living this world where I have everything.

I travel abroad to drop shoes, vitamins, and school supplies to the village where I volunteered this summer. The program I developed called Coloring Countries, helps fund these donations.

I travel abroad to show the children in this village that they can achieve every one of their dreams.

I go abroad for them.


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