It’s an, “I Spilled My Coffee on My New Shirt,” Kind of Morning

Everyone has these kind of mornings… you wake up, and nothing seems to go your way.

I woke up this morning and found that during the night, my puppy had chewed through nearly every electrical cord in my room. I quickly decided to correct the negative start to my day by wearing the new shirt my sister had bought me for Christmas (new clothing always puts a smile on my face).  With my appearance up to standard, I continued on to the kitchen where I made myself a latte. Fresh ground coffee beans from the Dominican Republic, steamed together with nice organic milk. I ran my face over the steam that evaporated from the top of my mug, and for just a moment I experienced complete euphoria. But this moment was interrupted when Mato (my puppy) decided to run head first into the back of my knees, knocking my legs strait out from under me.  Coffee… all over my new shirt.

Sound like one of the mornings you have experienced recently? I do not often experience negative emotions, and I like to consider myself a pretty optimistic person. The fact of the matter is that I strongly dislike the feeling of hatred. So I closed my eyes and said to the world, “World, my day is not going to be filled with such negative events. Today will not be a day wasted.” After all, any moment filled with saddness is a second of happiness wasted.

So I made another latte, grabbed Mato’s leash, and we went outside to start our new day basking in the glorious sunshine, where I then reviewed each and every reason why I am extraordinarily happy. Today can now be another day where I smile at every person I see, just to see the smile that they will return to me. Really though, this world does not need more negative emotions, we already have too many problems.

“All I have is this moment, and this moment is the seed for the rest of my life.” -Dr. Bertise Berry

One of the Reasons Behind My Optimism


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