The Happiness Bubble

The Happiness Bubble visits every-so-often in moments of excruciating bliss.

My Happiness Bubble visits when I see a tree that looks as if it were painted directly by hands from above.
It visits when my nose lingers for a moment too long before the first sip of my morning coffee, and my face is suddenly covered with steam.
Closing my eyes in the direction of the sunshine and feeling the warm wind brush against my skin, the Happiness Bubble fills my body from head to toe.

The Happiness Bubble is a balloon that fills my stomach and forces a smile to spread  across my face.

It sends waves across every inch of my body, connecting my toes to the earth and my skin to the air.

When the Happiness Bubble visits I must remind myself to breath, because that moment has taken my breath away.

The Happiness Bubble is highly contagious. Take care around a person who is experiencing effects of this bubble, for you will likely soon be filled with pure joy.

Mato at the park, speading a Happiness Bubble from me to you


4 thoughts on “The Happiness Bubble

    • Thank you Debbie! That sign is engraved on a bench in a park here in Fort Collins, Colorado. It is one of my favorite places… I added my puppy-dog to the picture, and I am a happy girl! Thank you for reading!!

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