Smile Therapy

I was walking along the side of the street today with the biggest smile spread across my face. It was not a day where everything had gone exactly the way I had hoped, I was just simply content in that moment. It turned out to be the perfect moment to be smiling because just then, I passed a woman who had her face to the ground with a quite dismal look on her face. When we made eye contact, she saw my smile and her face immediately lit up. After that, the idea sparked in my mind for ‘Smile Therapy,’ and I walked around for the rest of the day smiling at everyone just to see if I could get them to smile back. I was not content with a simple, squinted eyes and slightly turned up corners of the mouth- type of smile. I wanted a real, lasting, connected strait to the heart, smile. And you know what I got? About Forty-five awesome smiles, which caused that smile to stick on my face for the rest of the day. It’s really therapeutic, this smiling thing… for both others and yourself (research to be provided later).

So here’s today’s Two Hands Tuesday topic- Smile Therapy. Try it out! (You might just turn someone’s day completely around).

Happy Two Hands Tuesday to you!

Dominican Republic Girls SmilingA Smile on the Beach in Florida, USASummer Time SmilingA yellow, furry dog smiling on a boatSmiling with My Puppy- Ignore His Face, He's Smiling on the InsideA Toddler SmilingSmiling at School in El Mango, Dominican Republic

Are you smiling yet??


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