A Wonderful Award for Two Hands!!

the versatile blogger award

Two Hands Create Change was nominated to be the recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award! A HUGE thank you to one of my favorite bloggers, Debbie from the Kindness Kronicles. This blog is an incredible site about inspirational acts and words to keep the world kind. The Kindness Kampaign also posts “Kindness Kwotes” for little sparks of kindness inspiration (LOVE this). Check out this incredible blog at, thekindnesskronicles.wordpress.com

There are some rules associated with accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, they include;

1. Thanking the person who nominated you and add a link.

2. Tell 7 things about myself.

3. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers

Part 2- About Annie

1. I was born in Glenwood Springs, Colorado which has provided me with an immense addiction to the mountains.

2. I love children. If I am anywhere near a baby you will find me playing with their toes or bouncing them on my knees.

3. I consider myself a citizen of the world (my mom laughs at me for this). I fall in love with each culture I visit and establish a home where ever I wander. This makes it difficult for me to label any one place my true home.

4. I am always trying to place a color with each personality I encounter. I am yellow… can you tell? =)

5. I love the sunshine. Not simply because Vitamin-D makes me extremely happy, but also because it is a sense of motivation for me. Even on the cloudiest days I can turn my face to the sky and find a hidden ray of sunlight.

6. I love to be outside close to the earth. If I suddenly go missing, you might find me skiing, hiking, swimming, rafting, or even just adventuring.

7. I love humanity. You are all wonderful, wonderful people. I hope that I have the opportunity to hear your life story!

Part 3- Nominate 15 fellow bloggers (here you go, guys… you deserve it!)

1. Bucket List Publications

2. Ministate of Mind

3. Finding Life in a Death

4. Journalist on the Run

5. Jumbledminds

6. Moment to Smile

7. Deidra Alexandra’s Blog

8. Without an H

9. Find What Works

10. 1001 Scribbles

11. Poetry, Liberty, and Civil Disobedience

12. Day of Smiles

13. Environ- MENTAL

14. The Uncritic

15. The Spoken Blurb

I love each of these blogs for many different reasons, but each blog listed has something wonderful to say. I hope you enjoy them like I have!


3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Award for Two Hands!!

  1. Wow, thank you Annie! I think it’s amazing finding out there are people out there who actually really like your blog and read it. Yours, by the way, got me hitched in an instant, looking forward to read more from you! Thanks again and all the best to Colorado 🙂

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