Community Cafe Feature: SAME Cafe

I recently started volunteering for a non-profit cafe in Fort Collins called FoCo Cafe, which stands for Feeding Our Community Ourselves. FoCo Cafe follows the community cafe model which integrates pay as you are able model and often times locally sourced food.

As the FoCo Cafe website describes, “FoCo Cafe will be the first nonprofit restaurant in Fort Collins.  Cafe patrons will set the price for cafe cuisine in this pay-what-you-want setting. Instead of a cash register, a donation box will be on the counter.  If you can give more, please pay it forward. If you have a little less, pay what you can. If your pockets are empty, participate in community with your time and talent in exchange for a mouth-watering meal. Daily menu selections will be made primarily using fresh, locally grown ingredients, and funded by the donations of patrons.”

As Foco Cafe prepares to launch in the coming weeks, they are featuring other Colorado Community Cafes. I encourage you to check out this blog I wrote for SAME Cafe in Denver, Colorado which also follows the community cafe model.

If you live in Colorado look for a community cafe near you. They are filled with wonderful and kind-hearted people that will absolutely bring a warm-fuzzy to your heart.

Click here to visit the SAME Cafe Feature.

Click here to learn more about FoCo Cafe in Fort Collins, Colorado. There are plenty of ways to get involved, volunteer, and/or to donate to either or both cafes, so check out the sites to see how you can fit in!


It is the intent of SAME Cafe to build a healthy community by providing a basic need of food in a respectful and dignified manner to anyone who walks through the door,” SAME Website


“SAME is a community space – a place for people to belong, a family. It is important because people need a place to belong, and they also need access to really good healthy food at a price that everyone can afford,” Libby Birky, Co-founder of SAME Cafe


“People ask if I miss being a teacher, and I say I still teach every day – the classroom and students just look a little different than they used to,” Libby Birky, Co-founder of SAME


This quote reflects the decision of SAME Cafe co-founders to quit their former jobs to start a non-profit cafe that embodies fresh food that everyone could afford.




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