About Annie

Hello Beautiful World!

My name is Annie and I live in the colorful state of Colorado, in the United States of America. I have traveled to Australia, Dominican Republic, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Morocco, and South Korea to learn about the world where we live. I started a non-profit program called Coloring Countries (see link above) which is a cultural exchange program between students in the Dominican Republic and in the U.S. to share creativity and exchange culture.

In the past year I have worked as an intern for a program called Drive Electric Northern Colorado. I work as the Media and Community Outreach Intern, which means that I get to talk to amazing people every day about environmentally friendly initiatives — particularly electric vehicles and renewable energy. My focus previously in my life has been around cultural exchange, and now I am able to integrate my knowledge of renewable energy into my portfolio. I am in the process of applying for the Fulbright — National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship to study the impacts of renewable energy in the education system in rural Peru. Should I advance with this amazing opportunity, I would be living in the High Andes mountains in a small community, for nine months. Wish me luck, and keep all your fingers crossed!!

Happy Blogging, Everyone!

“For what ever we lose (like a you or a me) it is always ourselves that we find in the sea.”


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