Religious Tolerance in Today’s World

Today’s world. A world where the climate as we know it is changing so drastically, and in some places is forcing people to migrate from the land they know, the language they speak, and the culture they understand, to a … Continue reading

A Passion for Energy Inititiatives

Every aspect of my life involves multitasking. I have been constantly juggling multiple activities for my entire life–so why should my senior year at Colorado State University be any different? My current “tasks” include interning for a local electric vehicle advocacy organization, researching my Capstone thesis “The Impacts of Renewable Energy at Fossil Ridge High School,” trying to keep my 2.5 year old puppy satisfied with sufficient W.A.L.K.s, and the newest addition to the chaos– applying for the Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship!

I’ve been multitasking for many years, so why should my blogging be any different? I wrote this blog for my internship with Drive Electric Northern Colorado and it was posted in October 2013. By re-blogging my own blog, I hope to do two things. 1.) Show my lovely followers what I have been doing in the last few months. 2.) Tell you about the passion for energy initiatives, and particularly renewable energy that I have developed over the past year.

Northern Colorado Bonds as an EV Community

October 2, 2013     |    Originally Published, Drive Electric Northern Colorado

One of the best parts about being involved in the EV community is the ability to collaborate and take action in a visible and tangible way, against problems that we are all concerned about- like improving our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, and protecting the environment by reducing tailpipe emissions.

On September 30, 2013 DENC and the communities of Fort Collins and Loveland celebrated National Plug In Day at the Museum of Discovery in Fort Collins. I stood on top of the Discovery Museum with the event photographer and looked down at a parking lot filled with the EV models I have been talking about for the last five months working as an intern with Drive Electric Northern Colorado.  From the top of the building I could see the Northern Colorado EV owners smiling and proud to be wearing their black DENC T-Shirts.

National Plug In Day in Fort Collins was an event to gather the EV community to demonstrate the progress we have made to get EVs on the road. With 33 electric vehicles gathered to take photos, the event was a powerful collaboration between local EV owners, EV advocates, and DENC partners who have transferred their fleets to electric- including the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland, Morning Fresh Dairy, and the Fort Collins Downtown Business Association.

As an intern with DENC, I have helped to plan various DENC events, along with my other activities of talking with local businesses about transitioning to electric, and blogging about new EV owners in Northern Colorado. When I started as an intern with Drive Electric Northern Colorado I knew very little about electric cars, but I was eager to learn. I found that after just a few weeks of working with DENC I had learned so much about EVs that that they quickly became an integral part of both my personal and professional life. My friends and family now get annoyed fairly quickly on car rides with be, because I point out every EV model on the road as we drive.

Part of my “job” as an intern is to occasionally drive a Nissan Leaf. I love the ability to bypass the gas station and spend the extra time advocating for EVs. I also love the opportunity to talk to people about EVs at random places and times, like in the parking lot of the grocery store. It’s pretty evident that while working with EVs started as my job, over the past five months they have slowly turned into my passion.

National Plug In Day and other DENC events act as a way to not only bring our Northern Colorado EV family closer together, but also to draw in more individuals to join the EV community. The DENC events allow me to meet each EV owner and to hear their stories about going electric. We then bond over our love of the torque on the Leaf or the Volt, or the latest news about Tesla or the soon-to-be released electric BMWs.  Electric Vehicles have intensified the sense of community in Northern Colorado, and have given yet another way for Coloradoans to take action in our world today.

Written by Annie Freyschlag

Intern with Drive Electric Northern Colorado

Crayon Products For Sale to Fund Education!

New Crayon art for purchase to help fund education in the community of El Mango in the Northern Mountains of the Dominican Republic.100% of proceeds help fund education.

Place an order on the website to receive your custom piece of art! Please don’t hesitate to email with and questions about the products or with any special requests. I make all the products myself, so I would be happy to add anything in for my followers!

Thanks for reading today! Here is the link to the ColoCo site:

Custom Crayon Canvas available for purchase

Hanging Wall Art! Order in a variety of shapes and colors!

Recycled Crayons… I Need Ideas!!!!

I’m not sure that I have let you guys in on the program I have been developing. When I spent my summer to the northern mountains of the Dominican Republic this past year, I found a huge need for educational assistance within many of the communities. During the three weeks I spent in the DR, I taught an educational summer camp for the children, and has the chance to see the conditions of the school the children attend. After speaking with the principal of the school, I was informed that the teachers attempt to education mass numbers of students each day, with minimal resources. Thinking of all the resources we waste here in the US, I knew I could help with this issue. So I began to develop a program that would provide teachers with resources to educate, and students with shoes and vitamins so they can better learn.

Here is our web-page at the moment (please be patient, it is still in progress).

Today, I need your creativity and ideas! In order to send the recourses that we gather, and have donated, we need roughly $90 per box to be sent. My idea is to use the old, broken crayons that we have collected through various drives, and make products that we can sell at very low prices.

Here are some ideas I have already covered:

1. Crayon candles (don’t burn very well)

2. Crayon jars (melt in the sun, but work very well otherwise!)

I need more ideas!! Anyone? Comment below and help us out!

As always, thanks for reading!