Two Hands Loves the Earth

I am all about this glorious world where we live. I believe that my two hands can not only create change on a person-to-person level, but also on a global, environmental level. I believe that as earthlings, we have a duty to take care of mother earth. Earth Day is 7 days from today… have you started making your plans for changing the world? I have. To make your life a bit easier this year, I am going to provide a few options, in the event that you share my same passion for saving the world. Here are 7 options… maybe you can do one activity every day for the next week (that would make me very happy).

Ideas for Saving Mother Earth on Her Special Day

1. Plant a tree! This is a classic activity to do on Earth Day. New trees help clean the air as they mature by removing carbon dioxide from the air. You will directly receive some good Karma from this act, as they will help you breathe in the future by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. If you can’t plant a tree, check out Treenex, where every greeting card you purchase will plant a tree in a forest.

2. Say Bye-bye to the Autos for the day. Use those gorgeous feet you were blessed with or ride that bike that is collecting cobwebs in the back of the garage! Live, work, or study super far away?? Check out Vride, where you can sign up for ride-sharing in your area instead of taking your car everyday. I love this company because they use vans (similar to gua-guas in the Dominican Republic) so there are always new faces to meet and friendly people to talk to!

3. Participate in a local Earth Day event. Find your fellow earthlings who are passionate about this wonderful day, and either plan an event for your community or sign up for an already existing event. Check out the Earth Day Network to find your event or group!

4. Pledge to stop drinking bottled water. Check out the video- The Story of Stuff, The Story of Bottled Water. Did you know that “San Fransisco’s tap water comes from the Yosemite National Park and is so pure that the EPA does not require it to be filtered? A bottle of Evian water that is $1.35 could be refilled with San Fransisco tap water once a day for over ten years before the cost would total $1.35” ( Besides, metal water bottles are so much better looking.

5. Inspire your children! Teachers, babysitters, nannys, mothers/fathers, this is a perfect activity for you! Grab a sheet of paper and use all the colors in the world to spark some inspiration. Pick a few random pieces of garbage that you consistently see around your neighborhood and write them in a checklist on your colorful sheet of paper. Hand it to your kiddos and go! Who ever collects the most garbage (in a recycled plastic bag- we have to put them to use SOMEHOW, right?) gets to pick out their own flower or vegetable to plant this spring! I love hatching two birds with one egg.

A list from my scavenger hunt

My Earth Day Scavenger Hunt!

6. Rid the earth (and your family) of chemicals. Ecos Earth Friendly Products are sold in stores like King Soopers, Target, Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, and Albertsons. This company has made a commitment to creating products that do not use harsh toxins or chemicals like; petrochemicals, bleach, ammonia, and phosphate. This “clean guarantee” allows you to feel sure that you are not negatively impacting your family or the environment, and you are also supporting a sustainable company!

7. Clean out your closet! Yesterday I did a little spring cleaning and discovered that I owned 214 pieces of clothing. I was disgusted with myself because I had recently heard a story of a woman in Nigeria who owned two outfits; her work outfit and her church outfit, but sold her church outfit so her son could go to school. I cleaned out my closet, and now I own 80 pieces of clothing, including shoes. Still extreme compared to that incredible woman in Nigeria, but better than before. Next, shop at thrift stores for your next clothing purchase; who wouldn’t want to save 70% on a pair of shorts, and reduce the environmental impact of the clothing industry. For an interesting article about clothing waste and it’s impact on the environment, check out Environmental Health Perspectives, Waste Couture: Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry by Liz Cloudio. In the article, Cloudio quotes, “The [cotton] crop accounts for a quarter of all the pesticides used in the United States, the largest exporter of cotton in the world, according to the USDA.”

Here’s my experience cleaning out my closet (more about this in a later post)-

before cleaning out my closet

Before my Earth Day Spring Cleaning- 217 pieces of clothing

After cleaning out my closet

After my Earth Day Spring Cleaning- 80 pieces of clothing

A box of my donations

My donations!